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2016 ATA show best products
TwisterNock was selected as on of the:

Best Products from ATA Show 2016   

For us archery and bowhunting gear enthusiasts the ATA Show is unquestionably the most highly anticipated trade show of the year.  Nearly every major manufacturer of archery and hunting gear is gathered in a single building to show off their latest and greatest offerings for the coming season.  With over 600 vendors in attendance you can imagine there is quite a variety of new and innovative products to look at.


TwisterNock in 2016 ATA show

TwisterNock is Here (MADE IN USA)

Get ahead of the game. Start stabilizing your arrow on your bow string, and not after it leaves your bow



 TwisterNock Video

US patent 7922609

& US patent 8267816                                                         

 TwisterNock ®                                                                                       

 Better archery, better hunting

TwisterNock® is the first truly mechanical nock(Spring loaded). It delivers accuracy with great precision.

What are the benefits? 


  • It allows for faster set up. 
  • It adds accuracy to the arrow.
  • It delivers maximum kinetic energy to your target.
  • It rotates the arrow into the target.
  • It reduces the vibration resulting in a smooth and quiet arrow departure.




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Product Review by ARcheryTalk
ArcheryTalk, the largest Archery Discussion Forum in the world did a fantastic review of our products. "Full Moon Nock"  and "Sling-on" . Check them out.

Quest for Speed

Arrow RiflingIn the world of Archery, things don't move so fast. Change happens gradually and slowly. It took a long time for compound bows to become accepted. Eventually they have become popular. Everyone see the benefit of a fast flying arrow. It gives archers choice of shooting longer distances with better accuracy. Now everyone wants to shoot faster arrows. In hunting the benefits are; better trajectory, shorter pin gaps, less reaction time for the game animal, and finally better cut for a faster moving blade. Faster arrow means less chance of a miss, due to the fact that the arrow doesn't drop as much, if someone misjudge the distance.

The bow manufacturers can make bows that shoots faster, but the key is using lighter arrows.

Full Moon Nock ® (MADE IN USA)

This design is protected by US patent for Mechanical Arrow Nock (Pat#8267816 and Pat#7922609)

   Full Moon Nock


The Full Moon Nock is designed for use with arrows for crossbow. All parts and elements for Full Moon Nock has been carefully designed and selected to operate under the pressure of today’s Hi-speed and Hi-power crossbows.

Sling-on " A 5 Star product"

Sling-on® have received 5 out of 5 stars and is approved by Crossbow Magazine

Here is what the editor had to say about it; “Every tester thought the Sling On worked exactly as designed and will be a welcome addition to anyone that uses a shoulder sling while hunting”. “I am also happy to tell you that we have moved up our publishing date for the Sling On to our fall issue”

Sling-on video







Sling-on review by Crossbow Nation




Sling-on® can be added to any existing gun sling or bow strap.It rests on the top half of the strap and completely out of the way when it is not in use. Once you attach it around your torso it will hold your gun on your shoulder, so you can carry your game or equipment or just walk without having to hold your strap. It is adjustable for all sizes. It will hold your gun or bow securely on your shoulder even if you are carrying a back pack or tree stand on your back. Sling-on will drastically reduce the chance of accidental fall of the gun which could result in disaster.  Hunting Revolution also makes a Sling-on ® for gym bags, laptop bags or any kind of bag with a shoulder strap.

Ch9 bay news

The box office hit The Hunger Games has sparked interest in the sport of archery for many people.

Jeff Hajari hopes his invention, "The Twister Nock," will help add to that craze.

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Tampa Bay Times
Tampa Bay Times

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Better Archery / Better Hunting
Nock-Tune demo

race car

Now you can tune your arrow nocks for optimum performance.Gain speed and more important, consistency on all your arrow flights.                                                                                                


Tree Apron®

Tree Apron® is a Multi functional pack that allows you to carry all your hunting accessories in an organized manner with comfort. It makes carrying a tree stand easy. It enables you to set up in your tree stand and get ready for the hunt fast and quiet. It will also acts as a turkey vest with orange blaze.

Watch the Tree Apron demo here  Demo